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A Little About Me


I was born and raised in scenic Montana, but I’ve called Maryland home for the last four years. I love the mountain ranges and alpine lakes in Montana, but after college, I was ready for a change. Now, I enjoy East Coast autumns, the Chesapeake Bay, and the hustle and bustle of the DMV area! I wear many hats both personally and professionally! Some of them are:

  • Photographer & Filmmaker

  • Traveler

  • Drone Pilot

  • Graphic Designer

  • Spreadsheet Enthusiast

  • Retired College Athlete 

  • Husband

  • Former NASA Program Manager

Why Wedding Filmmaking?

I've been told I'm an incredibly lucky person, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found myself working as a professional wedding videographer. I never planned on being a wedding filmmaker, but after my first wedding I was hooked.

Photography and filmmaking have been long standing hobbies of mine, and a few years ago, I started to pursue them both more professionally. Early on, I specialized in drone photography! I absolutely love doing personal and commercial aerial work, and that opened up opportunities to start taking photos and videos with traditional, non-flying cameras. Much like flying the drone, once I got behind a camera I was hooked. 

My luck really kicked in when a friend of mine saw my work and asked if I could film his wedding. It was a last-minute request, but I was immediately interested! I agreed to film his wedding, and then proceeded to go on a YouTube bender. I consumed as many tutorials as possible to be fully prepared for the big day. The wedding was filled with love and happiness, and it was an honor to film it.

After that first wedding, I knew this was the career for me. Capturing memories and crafting stories for each couple and their wedding day is the most rewarding work I've ever done. I am excited for each wedding day that I get to play a part in, and I’m grateful to play a role in some of the biggest, most joyful moments life has to offer. 

I also love that filming weddings gives me the chance to travel! Some of the places I’ve filmed are Montana, Virginia, Maryland, and South Carolina, and I look forward to seeing where each wedding will take me.


Fun Facts

  • I played basketball at the University of Montana Western and have since channeled that energy into mountain biking, hiking, and board games to scratch my competitive itch. 

  • That’s me with the long hair in the photo to the left! Maryland is a bit hotter and more humid than Montana, and I ended up chopping it off after moving here. 

  • The header image is where I grew up. You can see my parents’ house in the photo, but for their sake, I won't point out where it is. 

  • I'm a cat dad to Fred (left) & Franklin (right). When asked for a portrait for a NASA newsletter that's the photo I sent in.  

  • My incredibly supportive fiancé joined me on driving a 1979 Dodge van from Montana to Maryland! We did it in the middle of July without any air conditioning–fortunately it's been great to camp in ever since!

I Can't Wait To Hear Your Story

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